Customer Reviews

Hear reviews directly from our clients (they are not altered in any way).  Here are just a few:

"Aaron Spangler, Jeff, Andy, the mechanic Rick, I know I'm forgetting names, basically everyone there was phenomenal!!! We negotiated over the phone and via email, Aaron was great to deal with, we got a fantastic price, so we drove 8.5 hours one way to get it. We arrived and my truck was leaking brake fluid. Aaron quickly brought it next door to to their Chevy Dealer in a short time they had the truck back to us. Then we hooked up and quickly realized we couldn't turn due to the dump body bed. The entire service dept and Aaron our sales associate were calling all over Ohio to get us what we need. Overnight the next day the part was going to come. So they set us up for a night to sleep in our camper with all the hook ups. The next morning they were back at it, installing my new receiver and troubleshooting once again finally getting us on our way home.

Jeff did our walk through, he thought of everything, we ended up purchasing most of our accessories from them because of Jeff being so thorough and expressed a genuine sincerity to help us. This is our first camper and he did an outstanding job showing us everything. We could've bought the stuff from Amazon, but Jeff earned every dollar we spent on accessories.

The camper far exceeded our expectation, the fit and finish on our KZ Spree S333BHK is the best we have seen. We couldn't be happier. Aaron even maintained contact with us on our way home until we arrived safely.

What could have been a disastrous trip for some, turned into a great experience filled with educational camping tips, learning about our camper, the friendliest helpful people I have ever met. I would call Aaron up in a heartbeat if I am ever in the market again for a camper, I'll probably call him when I'm ready to buy a new truck! I would not have changed a thing about our buying experience from these guys. Top shelf, great people.  Did not meet one employee that wasn't willing to go above and beyond. I have told many of our friends, if you don't buy from the only reputable dealer in our area, buy from this group and camp on your way home, makes a great trip.

Thank you again to everyone that helped us, couldn't have done it without all of you!"

Robert Labuff