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Fly On Us!

We, at Craig Smith RV Center, want you to feel like royalty.  Even if you live out of state, you can get your RV from us!  We have the nation's lowest prices and we want you to be able to take advantage of these great deals.  It's easy, simply....

  1. Book your flight to Cleveland or Columbus.
  2. Book your hotel room
  3. Send us your Itinerary.
  4. Craig Smith RV Center will come get you at the airport.
  5. Purchase your RV.
  6. Show us your paid hotel receipt and we will reimburse you right away!
Fly Into Columbus International Airport (click here for airport details ) Fly Into Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (click here for airport details)


Need to spend the night in Galion? 

The Sleep Inn & Suites is just minutes from the RV Center.  We can make sure you have accommodations for transportation should you need it.  When you buy from us, we'll reimburse you for a night in the hotel.  It just couldn't be easier!

You can book directly from here.