The KZ Sportsmen Travel Trailer: 3 Reasons It’s Great For First-Time Buyers

If you are looking for a new RV or are a first-time RVing shopper that is searching for a way to break into the RVing lifestyle, buying the KZ Sportsmen travel trailer is, perhaps, one of the easiest choices you can make as a starter model. 

Of course, it has many features that RV veterans will go wild for as well, it’s the affordable price point and laundry-list of features and amenities that will keep you in high spirits when you are on the road or taking extended family camping trips. Whether you are a tent-camper looking to upgrade or have been renting or driving smaller RVs for years, but are searching for a step up, here are three reasons that it is one of the best new RVs for sale to get to break that barrier.

Sportsmen Travel Trailer
Durable and aerodynamic; the Sportsmen Travel Trailer

#1 – Compact, but Luxurious

The KZ Sportsmen is just about the perfect size for those who really just want to experience the great outdoors, but are also searching for a way to keep comfortable in all environments. Being in the woods is lovely, but when the lights go out, sometimes you just want to be able to hang your head in comfort. The Sportsmen checks both boxes of being compact and cozy, but also keeping you in the luxury that you love.

Sportsmen seating area
Check out the spacious Sportsmen seating area.

#2 – Stylish, but Manageable

Looks aren’t everything, but they certainly are something! From the inside-out, the Sportsmen is both versatile and appealing. Beautiful interior designs and an exterior that will turn some heads, the Sportsmen will never make you doubt that you are on vacation, but it is also laid out in a very easy-to-clean and maintain sort of way.

Sportsmen living room
Luxurious and versatile Sportsmen living room.

#3 – Great for Families

There are nine floorplans to choose from with the KZ Sportsmen travel trailer. Nine! With floorplan styles that can sleep anywhere from four to nine people, it doesn’t matter if you have six kids or it’s just you and your spouse, the Sportsmen is perfect for families of all sizes. Check out the 281RL floorplan for sale, the 282BHK floorplan for sale, the 291BHK floorplan for sale, and more! 


#4 – The Price is Right

We know that price range is important for any level of RVer, but these Sportsmen travel trailers are right in that sweet spot for a luxury RV that is still accessible. Most models run right between $20,000 and $30,000 (with financing options), so you can get an amazing RV at a much higher value at a price that anyone can afford.


There is so much to get excited about when it comes to the KZ Sportsmen travel trailer, but that’s not all! Make sure that you check out our current inventory see more about our Sportsmen floorplans before you make a decision. Let us help put you into the perfect model for both your personal preference as well as your price range.

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